Sister Act

The house gods giveth and the house gods taketh away. We have a roof (YAY) and then this happened: Yeah, outlets aren’t supposed to look like that. But more on that another time.… Continue reading

February Update

I don’t know where to begin. Should I start by saying that HURRAY! Our roofer started… and managed to get about a third of the roof done before the big snow storm that… Continue reading

Shockingly we had electrical problems

[Sorry about the title - I couldn't help myself] Say you buy a foreclosure that had been rented for the previous year and, at the front of your entry wall there’s a ceiling… Continue reading

Whole House Color Scheme

We are up to our eyeballs in the hall project (as in, I keep walking into that damn hanging [disconnected] wire and poking myself in the eye because we can’t set the wire… Continue reading

The plaster dust is winning

You know that scene in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls where Ace is dusting the bird room for prints and he starts off all careful with just a tiny bit of powder on… Continue reading

We’re back and we sealed a door!

And we’re back. With partially frozen pipes, no new roof, and a resolution to post more! First up: we closed off the door between the kitchen and mud room. Before we even moved… Continue reading

Refinishing a door and building stairs

The past two weekends we’ve been working on correcting the “hazards” our insurance carrier cited so that we don’t lose our coverage. While D and his dad worked diligently on getting the hardiplank… Continue reading

Laundry Room Art

First things first: DO NOT spray paint your appliances while they’re in your house. Last week I did just that and everything came out awesome EXCEPT appliance epoxy is like the Doctor and… Continue reading

Roof Failure and Forced Improvements

Remember back when we were scrapping all the tar and paint off the roof so we could do an elastomeric coating and it was a nightmare and then we found a coating that… Continue reading

Painting the Washer and Dryer

This house was a foreclosure so it’s really a wonder that it had as many intact appliances as it did. The fridge, oven, microwave, and dishwasher were all in perfectly fine working condition… Continue reading